10 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Spring Season

Friday, 18 February 2022

The spring season often makes us crave bright, fresh spaces. After weeks of winter weather, dull days and single-figure temperatures (resulting in soaring heating bills), we want nothing more than a home as cheery as the flowers bursting into blossom outside.

Astronomical spring begins on Sunday 20th March 2022 and ends on Tuesday 21st June, while meteorological spring always starts on 1st March and ends on 31st May. Are you looking for ways to get your home clean and ready for the spring season? With Easter on the horizon, now is the perfect time to refresh your interiors and bring the outdoors in.

Spring is a great time to deep clean our homes and reduce the clutter, but it's also about tackling those nagging tasks: cleaning window frames, defrosting the freezer, and tidying the garden shed to make way for spring bulbs. Take a look at what you can do to get your home ready for the season ahead...

1. Clean those forgotten corners

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to address those areas you overlook on a daily basis. From dusting cracks and corners for cobwebs, to wiping down blinds, tackling those forgotten areas will help you stride on into spring with a clear home – and an even clearer mind.

Not sure where to start? Rather than overwhelming yourself, write a list of what you want to tackle first. 'Spring is the time to dedicate time to that much-needed clear-out,' says Chris Wootton, managing director of cleaning business, Poppies. 'Taking it room by room or appliance by appliance can be a great way of balancing out the workload. Whilst there are some obvious places that we should be cleaning, there are also many pesky areas that might not spring to mind immediately.'

Also, it's a good idea to include window frames in your spring cleaning routine. Over the winter months, condensation can build-up on windows due to a combination of central heating and cold weather. To clean yours, simply use a damp microfibre cloth to remove any build-up and then dry with a clean cloth.

'If the condensation isn't wiped away regularly, the additional moisture can leave behind mould and limescale on window frames, even damaging wooden frames or causing the paint to peel,' says Jenny Turner, manager at Insulation Express. 'Once you've cleaned yours, open the window where possible to help any remaining moisture to evaporate.'

2. Declutter your wardrobe

A simplified and decluttered wardrobe or clothes rack is a real mood-booster, so now's the ideal time to reorganise your clothes for the spring season. Sort through the garments you no longer need — and decide what you can pass on to others. Top tip: put your winter clothes into a box and store them safety in your loft or garage until later this year.

'Hanging on to clothes you no longer need or wear just creates more mess that we're trying to avoid,' say the interior specialists at WeThrift. 'Don't just throw your unwanted clothes in the bin, you can sell unwanted items online, donate them to those in need, upcycle or mend older pieces to make them current and on trend, or recycle your items responsibly. The next time you open your wardrobe, you should feel at ease knowing that everything in there has a purpose and a use to you.'

3. Organise your under-sink cupboard

Transform that awkwardly-shaped space under your sink from a dumping ground into a well-organised haven. First, start by taking everything out and group similar items together. Then give it a good clean using soapy warm water. Once the inside space is clean, it's time to sort through items you no longer need, disposing anything that may have passed its expiry date.

'We are all prone to storing a surplus of cleaning products under the sink. Remove everything from your overflowing cupboard and sort through it – you'll be amazed by how many half-used bottles can be consolidated and save you from buying new ones,' says Elaine Penhaul, founder of Lemon and Lime Interiors.

Now the fun part: giving everything its proper place. We recommend picking up a storage unit, such as this one from Addis, but you can also effectively store cleaning products in boxes and baskets. Making sure everything has a designated home will ensure you can find what you need easily.

4. Refresh your workspace

While many of us are embracing hybrid working, we're coming up to almost two years of working from home, so there's never been a better time to refresh your personal workspace for the spring season.

Whether you're in need of a new desk (shop our round-up of stylish, space-saving folding desks) or an office chair, or perhaps you're on the hunt for stylish office storage solutions, upgrade your space to ensure it's comfortable, fun and functional.

5. Defrost your freezer

Freezers can be real money-burners when they are frosted up with ice. Whilst this can be a boring task, an excessive build-up of ice means your appliance needs to work harder to keep your food cold (and may cost you more in energy). If you want your freezer to last longer, the experts at Beko recommend defrosting it twice a year or when a frost layer of around 7mm has formed.

'The importance of keeping your freezer clean and ice-free cannot be overstated,' say Beko, 'by defrosting your freezer, you can free up more space for your groceries, whilst also ensuring that your freezer is running at maximum efficiency.'

Not sure where to begin? Here's how to easily defrost your freezer:

1. Firstly, turn your freezer off and unplug it at the wall. To prevent food from thawing, place items in an insulated cool bag.

2. Remove all drawers and shelves. Place hot water (in bowls or glasses) inside your freezer, making sure you have plenty of towels and a suitable container for the water that will be created from thawing ice.

3. Whilst the freezer is defrosting, quickly clean the appliance's interior using a damp cloth. Before turning your freezer back on, make sure to dry the interior. This will prevent ice build up when the appliance is turned back on.

4. Switch your appliance on and wait for the temperature to return. Once again, this may take a number of hours. Replace any frozen food, making sure to use/discard any defrosted food. If you have time, clean your fridge as well.

6. Decorating? Swap winter darks for cheerful spring colours

To embrace the spring season, leave behind the grey of winter and let the sunshine in with a palette of cheerful shades. From sugary pink to daffodil yellow, giving your room a fresh coat of paint instantly makes everything feel brighter and fresher — like spring mornings themselves. If decorating a whole room isn't on the agenda, introducing colour through soft furnishings, such as rugs or cushions, is another small win.

Adam Brown, director of The Painted Furniture Company, adds: 'Pastel colours are ideal for interiors and create a cheerful feeling of spring renewal. From soft green to gentle yellow, they tone well with many other colours in the home and are a great way to refresh a tired room.'

We might have our minds set on bright blue skies ahead, but Adam explains the one shade not to dismiss: 'Grey has been a popular choice for decorating for a few years now, and both pastel blue and pale pink work great with these schemes, adding a fresh new twist.'

7. Style your space with flowers

Magnolias! Tulips! Wisteria! Bringing the branches and buds inside your home is the perfect reminder of everything coming to life outside. If you're anything like us, the spring season is all about adorning your home with sprawling arrangements that will make you smile — even if it's just a handful of daffodils from the garden. Alternatively, buy a spring wreath, or make your own to incorporate your favourite blooms.

'Spring isn't only about cleaning, it is also the chance to give your home a new look and seasonal refresh. It's the season for new growth, fresh flowers and greenery. Pull vases out from the cupboard in preparation for more fresh flowers in the home,' Ann Marie, founder of AMC Design, says.

Worried about looming pollen clouds? Why not opt for sneeze-free artificial blooms instead. They look just like the real thing – and will last forever.

8. Create ambience with spring scents

Mood-boosting spring scents will help to lift you out of winter hibernation. Classic spring notes include lemon, bergamot and mandarin, while floral scents like iris, jasmine and rose will also lift weighed-down winter spirits. The days might be brightening up (we can't wait!) but you can still create a cosy atmosphere in spring with the flickering flame of a candle, or a diffuser.

9. Organise the garden shed

Spring is a brilliant time to assess the damage from winter, fix broken tools, clear the lawn of any fallen debris and give your shed an all-important clear out. It's not a place many consider when spring cleaning, but it shouldn't be overlooked.

'As we approach spring it's important to get our garden sheds organised to make space for new bulbs, plants, tools and garden furnishings,' adds Elaine. 'Using racking, hooks and shelving to organise and make the best use of the space is a good way to start – I recommend grouping items that "live together" in categories and labelling sections, so you know where everything is kept. This prevents you from turning the shed upside down every time you want to do some garden maintenance.'

10. Get your garden ready for entertaining

Nature is starting to spring back to life. While it might still be too cold to dine alfresco, now is the ideal time to give your garden some love so that you're prepared for when the temperature starts to warm up: jet-wash the patio, cut the grass, clean (or paint) any tired-looking garden furniture, and tidy up flower beds and borders.

If you have the space, think about creating zones in your garden. Ideally you'll have a dedicated space for relaxing (invest in sun loungers, a garden sofa and a hanging egg chair) and a space for dining (choose bistro sets for compact spaces), then add decorative elements to beautify your outdoor space, from a garden mirror to lanterns and outdoor rugs. Your garden will be guest-ready in no time.

Jacqueline McLeod, founder of Bancrofts Organisation Services and APDO's communications director, comments: 'If you have a garden or outside area, take the time to reorganise and sort out the space. Clean your furniture, change it up by rearranging it, add some new spring plants, and throw away any damaged garden items or even repair or repurpose them.'









































































































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