6 Finishing Touches That Make a Kitchen Magazine-worthy

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Finishing touches bring personality to a space; they are the small styling features that add colour, texture, and warmth, and turn a house into a home. Finishing touches are especially important in functional spaces like the kitchen where we often value practicality over style.

By introducing plenty of fresh flowers, herbs and plants, displaying cookbooks, and arranging colourful kitchenware and table linen, this stylish kitchen was transformed into a bright and welcoming space fit for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing.

1. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Fresh citrus fruit

Display unpeeled fresh citrus fruit in your kitchen for up to a week at room temperature. We love punchy yellow lemons piled high in a colourful bowl, or limes displayed a glass jar.

2. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Colourful tableware

If you have colourful tableware, don't keep it hidden away in cupboards. A selection of decorative plates and bowls stacked on a kitchen counter or windowsill adds an easy pop of colour, and can double as storage.

3. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Cookery books

Fill any empty unit space or forgotten corners with your favourite cookery books, and for the ultimate in magazine-worthy finishing touches – line them up in a neatly colour-coded display.

4. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Plants and herbs

Make the most of a sunny windowsill by keeping an array of fresh plants and herbs in mismatched jugs, pots and vases – even better if you add something fragrant, like rosemary, peppermint, or scented geranium.

5. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Use a tray

We love a busy kitchen, but if space is of the essence, piling your accessories onto a tray means you can display more without taking up extra room on your countertops.

6. Finishing touches in the kitchen: Fresh flowers

A magazine-worthy kitchen would not be complete without fresh flowers.




























Credit: Housebeautiful

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