Best Barstools To Instantly Upgrade Your Kitchen

Saturday, 2 October 2021

One way to upgrade and refresh your kitchen is by adding in new barstools. Keeping that in mind, we bring you a guide as seen on Trendir on the best barstools to upgrade your kitchen instantly.

Modern Industrial


If your kitchen has been feeling a bit a drab and almost old fashion it is time to upgrade, sit by adding a modern industrial twist. In order to do just that adds a set of stools specifically designed to have an industrial aesthetic to them. The key is having stools with a metallic twist to truly bring forth an industrial feel that is felt throughout the entire space.

Bring on Structure


On the contrary, if you’re seeking to bring structure to your kitchen in a minimalist manner, adding squared stools is the way to go. Not only do they bring structure, but it adds a sense of freshness while still being one of a kind. You want the seat of your stools to be perfectly square with crisp edges to make the biggest impact.

Go Metallic


For a stark contrast that screams luxury, yet contemporary metallic seats are perfect. Not only do they add just the right amount of beauty to the room, but there’s this “bar-like” appeal to them that truly brightens up a room. Consider coloured metallic suck as red gold or silver for a contrasting pair.

Upholstered Elegance


When you are trying to bring elegance to a specific room you want to take into consideration what will appeal most to the room which is where upholstered elegance comes into play. Having a set of upholstered stools brings a luxury feel even if the space is less luxurious than you would like it to be. Consider using colourful stools with an upholstered seat to bring that classic feel that makes the room feel that much more grandiose.

Uniform Look

Sometimes you want to bring a uniform look when your kitchen is in need of a little something extra. The uniform look can be achieved by having identical stools. Having identical stools adds a sense of grounding to any decor you might already have, bringing a crisp and clear appeal into your kitchen.

Modernly Unique

The beauty of adding a modern touch to your kitchen is you can get as creative with your decor as possible. When it comes to adding that unique appeal that is modern consider adding multiple stools with some sort of difference to them. Having that classic difference between the set of stools you use, will add that “hmm” focal bit to your kitchen.

Bistro Bar

Bring a restaurant aesthetic to your kitchen with bistro inspired stools. These particular stools have a huge advantage to them as they look traditional yet have an air of uniqueness that exudes from them. The restaurant approach will upgrade your kitchen, regardless of what decor you already have.

Barstools with Back

Having a barstool with backing brings an intricate feel to your decor. It adds an upscale kind of feel that oozes throughout the entire room. Consider having barstools with a backing that has some sort of detailing to it, for a little unique touch that is minimal but makes a statement in its own kind of way.


When in doubt of where to start when it comes to your barstool decor go straight to the source with wooden ones. Barstools made out of wood, work well due to how flexible they are. You can place wood barstools in any and every style of kitchen and your decor will appear just as daring as it did from the beginning. They simply add a hint of classic right where you need it.

Add a Swivel

Swivel seats are great when you want to add a transitional feature to your kitchen. They’re easy of use makes them a top contender for those that love having guests over and want easy seating at their disposal. Think of these stools as the perfect party addition, they allow you to sit and enjoy while being able to turn in multiple directions whenever you please.

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