Designing Your Kitchen Pantry: The Things to Consider

Monday, 15 November 2021

Now, if you are ready to design the perfect pantry, here are some tips from Decoholic that will help you get started.

For starters, there are certain things that you need to make sure you have first. Among them are:

Before creating a kitchen pantry, you need to make sure you have ample space for one. A pantry is a storage of sorts that will house your groceries and other kitchen essentials necessary for cooking, and it has to be big enough for whatever you want to put in.

Proximity to the kitchen
Since the contents of the kitchen pantry will be necessary for food preparation, it can’t be too far away from the kitchen or the food preparation area lest it defeats the purpose of even having one.

A kitchen pantry is only acceptable if it satisfies three main criteria: convenience, accessibility, and visibility. If your kitchen pantry is to be as functional as it is supposed to be, it pays to design it so that everything inside can be seen and reached as easily when you start working in the kitchen. Remember: organization is the key!

Now that we’ve got these key principles in creating a kitchen pantry out of the way, we can get into the particulars of kitchen design. Naturally, you’d want to know what to put inside that will make your design both aesthetic and functional and to avoid wasting space for the sake of beauty. After all, a kitchen pantry is meant to be helpful, or it wouldn’t be any different from the regular dump site for your kitchen stocks.

Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Here are some things you’d want to make sure you have inside the kitchen pantry, both for aesthetics and function:

A sliding door

Just like those so-called sliding door moments in life, a sliding door in your kitchen pantry can make even the inconspicuous little storage worth checking out. Not only is it stylish and elegant, but just a perfectly installed sliding door can also transform the tiny space into a visible area, which can upgrade the pantry a tad bit higher in terms of function and overall aesthetics.


Shelves are perfect organizers. Having your kitchen essentials in neat rows and levels can make even the most disorganized homeowner able to create some semblance of organization in the kitchen pantry. Plus, a single well-designed shelf can both act as a wall of beauty that can keep all the kitchen chaos out of sight.

Stylish Hardware

Just like your accessories, your kitchen hardware can help add effortless glam and glitter to your kitchen pantry. You can choose between metallic pulls, leather hardware pieces, or even delicate cup pulls and knobs as “jewelry” to decorate your pantry, creating a stylish vibe that is uniquely yours into your kitchen aisles.

Flooring with character

Like in the rest of the house, the flooring matters even in the secluded space that is your pantry. You can opt for modern tiles or rustic wood paired with a carpet to effectively create some sort of character that will elevate your kitchen pantry. Or you can opt for a chequered flooring paired with modern industrial shelves to glam it up.

Glass canisters

In general, glasses are a mainstay in most interior design projects. Whether it’s glass walls or skylights to help bring in natural light, or patterned glass windows and accessories, you can never go wrong with this fragile yet elegant material. But since this is a kitchen pantry that we are talking about, some glass canisters in different styles or from different periods can give your pantry an instant timeless vibe that will only enhance your pantry space.

Customize Your Cans and Jars

If you are a sucker for organizing things, custom-made canisters, cans, and jars to store items should be essential in your pantry. Since these are customized, they could serve as both an accent and a transformative feature that will make your pantry an utterly unique space created to suit your quirks and taste. accent and a transformative feature that will make your pantry an utterly unique space created to suit your quirks and taste.

A sliding ladder

A ladder is essential in the pantry, particularly if you have shelves. Not only will it make the pantry contents accessible and within reach, but, depending on the ladder-type that you choose, it could double up as a unique feature that could transform the space into something that seemingly comes out of the pages of a fashion photoshoot.

Wall decor

Wall decors are generally used for the owner’s pleasure to showcase their unique interests and achievements and perhaps spark a conversation when guests come over. But nothing says that it is illegal to put wall decorations where no one else can see. So if it pleases you, you can elect to put decorative or functional wall items, and no one will complain about it.


Remember the musts of a kitchen pantry? Well, if your kitchen pantry is to be visible and functional, then lights are must-haves. But, you also have the option to add different types and sizes, as lights can help improve any room’s ambiance, literally with a flick of a switch.

A kitchen vignette (cutting boards in different shapes and sizes, oil, etc.)

A vignette is almost always on the “want” list of homeowners these days, and it’s not hard to see why. It gives any room more breathing space without skimping on the aesthetics. Plus, it can be adjusted to suit the season. So if you’re making one for either the pantry or the living room, it pays to put a little care in planning and designing one. You may opt for a functional one with dishes and kitchen items or add some plants or candles to make it even livelier.

Just remember, regardless of your designing expertise or the size of your pantry, it is critical to remember what it is for first and foremost before you go wild with your designs. There is nothing wrong with going wild, but a pantry is meant to make things easier, so your design should have just the right balance of simplicity and functionality for it to be a worthy addition to your home.

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