Veganuary Recipes

Monday, 10 January 2022

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Vegan spicy sausage casserole

This hearty vegan casserole is designed to use up the odds and ends in your fridge – pop in any leftover beans or chickpeas, tomatoes and spice paste you have.

Roast aubergine and potato curry

Making a vegetable curry from scratch is more satisfying and much healthier than a shop-bought or takeaway version!

Vegan lemon drizzle cake

The lemon juice and sugar poured over while the cake is still warm gives a lovely sugary citrus topping to this easy vegan lemon cake.

Vegan chilli

This delicious and healthy vegan chilli recipe gets its smoky flavour from chipotle paste, made from smoked jalapeno peppers. You can use any tins of beans that you like, or even tinned lentils.

Vegan banana bread

Here’s the vegan banana bread you’ve been searching for! Add some chopped pecan nuts if you like for a bit of crunch.

Three easy vegan wraps

Filled tortillas are quick to assemble and make a nice change from a classic sandwich. Here are three of our favourite fillings for easy vegan wraps.

Vegan lasagne

A vegetable-packed vegan lasagne made with dairy-free white sauce. It freezes brilliantly and makes the perfect vegan comfort food.

Vegan pizzas

Homemade pizza is a great way to get the kids involved with dinner. These two vegan toppings are a good starting point, but feel free to experiment with your own.

Vegan apple crumble

This vegan apple crumble is dairy-free but you won’t miss the butter: juicy raisins add a burst of sweetness to the soft apple filling, and pecan nuts make the topping extra crunchy.

Vegan bacon bits

No pigs were harmed in the making of this bacon. Tofu is fried with lots of savoury flavours to create these vegan bacon bits.

Vegan paella

This vegan paella goes above and beyond with homemade vegan chorizo.

Chestnut, roasted butternut squash and Bramley apple soup

This hearty, rib-sticking soup welcomes all sorts of Christmas leftovers and brings out the best in them.

Vegan Thai green curry

This vegan Thai green curry is quick and easy to make, and packed with flavour and fragrance to give you a real taste of Thailand.

Vegan Wellington

A delicious vegan Wellington is a main course that makes a statement! A row of whole Portobello mushrooms sit alongside pecans, dried cranberries, sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

Vegan pulled jackfruit

When you taste how good this pulled jackfruit is in a sandwich or taco filling, combined with your favourite slaws and salads for extra crunch, you'll want to eat it every day.


Enjoy :)

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